About Us

Reach further than ever before

Whether you are looking locally, nationally or internationally, our solutions grant unlimited reach to highly sought after healthcare professionals worldwide.

Our Divisions and Brands

Our divisions operate globally to provide a suite of tools specifically designed to meet the challenges in healthcare recruitment.

The fastest growing global network of recruitment professionals providing clients with local knowledge combined with global expertise across multiple industry verticals, specialising in healthcare and technology.

Our award winning career portal offering captivating advertising and far reaching social media providing brand amplification allowing you to engage directly with relevant talent from all around the world.

Focused on domestic healthcare recruitment, this career portal leverages the reach of Global Medical Careers to attract “in-country” applications.

Our application and candidate management platform is fully customisable and designed to provide the flexibility to work the way you work. The platform can be deployed in days.

Milne Migration Solutions offers a range of bespoke migration and professional registrationn services across key destinations within our network.

Our technical development arm for websites, web applications and mobile apps across a broad spectrum of industries specialising in recruitment and e-commerce solutions.